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15 April 2007 @ 11:23 pm
Hello everyone.

First and foremost I wish to apologize for all the drama, and what not that has occurred over the last few days. I have heard some very colorful things lately, and I assure you, I'm almost upset about most of them.

I could go into a long laundry list of the reasons why I am stepping down as Head Wiz of the game, but, that would be wasting my time. So, instead, I'll say something positive.

I have gave Jewel full reign of the Muck, and there is a good chance she plans on reopening it, and running it, without all the train wreck arguing, and what not. I know that leaving the Muck down after the last server crash was rude of me, but, the only thing I can say in defense, was, well.. it wasn't all my idea. But, I know that as the guy on top, I'm automatically the bad guy, and I can live with that. That's fine and dandy. But, just know that if you want to keep playing on Marvel, at least it is in far better hands than it has been since it opened.

I honestly doubt that I will return to RP, so, the world can breathe easy, huh? :) Either way, the fate of the world rests in someone else's hands now.

I hope you all enjoy the new and improved MarvelMUCK. Same great taste, just less filling.