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16 April 2007 @ 04:46 pm
Marvel Muck  

I regret to say that there is a strong chance I am not coming back to Marvel Muck. It isn't anything to do with the players, it's to do with stuff I do not want to get into here. I enjoyed rping on Marvel MUCK and had a fun time, it's just recent things have left a bad taste in my mouth and right now, there was a lot of unnecessary stress that I can not deal with anymore. Some day I may return, but right now, the game probably won't be fun for me at the moment.

I regret to go, but I need to think about my sanity. I don't want to ruin anyone's reputation so I won't get into anything here on why I'm leaving.

If you wish to keep in touch, you can find me on AIM as KawaiiAddieCat and email is addiecat42@yahoo.com

Thank you all for the fun! Maybe I'll see you around on other games in the future.

-Mad_Hatter, player of Kenta, Kaden, Christopher, Aya, Ni, Tucker, Razenael, Kate, Nico, Tristiana, and Caleb.
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